Lady Holmes Rose Bowl

Awarded for flower arranging class

3rd Maureen Relf

2nd Yuriko Knottt

Joint 1st Ros Maggs, Natalie Bicat & Shirley Wiggs

Eric Weatherly Rose Bowl

Awarded for most points in Classes 1 & 2

3rd   Maureen Relf

2nd  Natalie Bicat

1st  Brian Woodcock

Millais Challenge Cup

Awarded for most points in Classes 3 & 4 (fruit and vegetables)

Joint 3rd  Barbara Nunn & Barbara Simmons

Joint 2nd  Ros Maggs, Terry Hannocks & Tony Relf

1st  Brian Woodcock

E. Worsfold Silver Salver

Awarded for most points overall excluding flower arrangements

3rd  Natalie Bicat

2nd  Ros Maggs

1st  Brian Woodcock

Stella Smith Award

Awarded for highest number of monthly competition entries in Classes 1 to 4

3rd Jill Oliphant Robertson

2nd Ros Maggs

1st Brian Woodcock

Jean Leggett Rose Bowl

Joint 3rd Jenny Rummery & Natalie Bicat

2nd Carole Hannocks

1st Terry Hannocks

Mary Bicker Cup

3rd Terry Hannocks

Joint 2nd Shirley Wiggs & Carole Hannocks

1st Ros Maggs

Jean Peters Cup

Awarded for Potato in a Bucket Competition (28 entries)

Jeanne Smith

Chairman’s Challenge – March – Jar of Marmalade

Jill Oliphant-Robertson


Terry Hannocks with the Jean Leggett Rose Bowl

Ros Maggs with the Mary Bicker Cup

Brian surveys his trophies!

The Lady Holmes Rose Bowl awarded for the flower arranging class has to be shared three ways between Shirley Wiggs, Natalie Bicât and Ros Maggs

Ros Mggs presents Jeanne Smith with her silver bucket trophy for the “Potato in a Bucket” competition

Jeanne Smith shows her trophy