Lots of the plants are ready to go now,  but may need protection from cold nights. Other plants (like beans) may be available in a couple of weeks, so call provider.
Maureen Relf  (850656)
4 x 2lt pots  green with white edge.  £2-50
2 x 3lt pots lime and dark green. £3-50
Squash plants:
4 x crown prince excellent keeper and flavour
5 x Hunter butternut squash
5 x courgette plants all 80p
Brian and Margaret Woodcock (851006)
Cabbages (Savoy)      approx 12 per tray.          £1.25
Brussels sprouts    (as above)
Cauliflower (as above)
Black kale
Lettuce Lollo Rossa £1 per tray
Herbs – all 80p
Sage, chives, thyme, mint, rosemary
Tomatoes – all 75p per plant
Gardener’s Delight, Fantasia, Beef
Chillis – medium heat 80p
The following are subject to germination:
Runner and French climbing beans approx 12 per tray £1.50 per tray
Flowering Plants:
Clematis x 2. Early blooming small flowered £2.50
Christmas cacti £1.50
Penstemon, assorted colours, larger plants £1.50 ea , smaller plants 50p
Weigela £2
Hydrangeas mop head £2.50
Hellebores £1
Wallflowers perpetual 80p
House leeks 50p
Jill Oliphant-Robertson (850414)
Pelargoniums mixed colours (red, pink, white and peach) packs of 6: £2
Natalie (850110) Prices will range from approx £1.50 to £3.50 approx.
Hardy Perennials kindly donated by Great Dixter
2 x Sambucus nigra laciniata, 3 x Aster Chloe, 1 x Camassia cusickii , 1 x Artemesia Oriental Delight, 4 x Persicaria Amplexicaulis (red), 3 x Pachyphragma Macrophyllum,
1 x Ferrula Communis (Fennel) 1 x small box shrub , 2 x Acanthus Spinosa.
Ros (850583)
Tomatoes 75p
3 x Sungold, 2 x Ailsa Craig, 3 x Celia (small,plum), 1 x Principe Borghese (small plum)
6 x Gardener’s Delight, 4 x Chocolate Cherry
6 x chives 80p,
1 x black currant £2
Awaiting germination: 2 packs of 6 red flowered runner beans, 2 packs of 6 Blauhilde French beans (purple pods but cook green) 2 x packs of 6 white flowered runners All £1 per pack
4 x courgettes, all green. (Awaiting germination) 50p ea.
3 x Achillea cloth of gold small 50p, 3 Marguerite pink small 50p,
1x pack of 6 Cosmos seashells £2, 1 x pack mixed dahlias £2.50,
1 x pack 6 Morning glory Grandpa Otts £2.50 (dark purple), 2 x Lichnis white (chunky plants) £2,
2 x Lavender small (no name) £1 ea,  4 x mixed Gazania 50p ea. 1 x Achillea pink 50p,
2 x Thunbergia Alta 50p ea.,  3 x hydrangeas pink lace cap £2.50, 2 x packs of 6 mixed aubretia, 4 x honesty white. 50p, 1 x sisyrinchium (golden eye) £1 (Low growing rockery type) 2 x Tithonia (tall orange flower) 2 x Ammi (tall white) 50p
Rosemary Palmes   (850632)

4 x Dianthus carthusinosum      5″pots    £1.50
1 x Phlomis Itlantica shrub         2 lt pot   £2.50
3 x Bistorta superba                     5″ pots   £1.50
2 x Acanthus spinosus                  5″ pots   £1.50
9 x Centranthus pink                    3″ pots    £1.00
2 x Polemonium Lambrook Blue 5″ pots   £1.50
3 x Brunnera Jack Frost                 3″ pots   £1.00
5 x Anaphalis margarita                4″ pots   £1.50
6 x Lavander (Munstead?)            4″ pots    0.50p
5 x Lathyrus grandiflorus tuberosa seedlings £1.00 ea.
We have been given a wide variety of free vegetable seeds. If you want some please message me.They are:
Vegetable seeds: asparagus, aubergine, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, chillis, cucumber (Marketmore), kale, lettuce, mint, onion, parsnip, parsley, pumpkin, radish, swede, turnip, tomato (Ailsa Craig). I also have my own Crown Prince squash, yellow patty pan squash, cannellini beans.
Flower seeds: honesty white, hollyhock dark red, Morning Glory (Grandpa Otts, purple).I also have white Honesty little plants that can go out now, as well as a variety of tomato plants and cucumbers that will need growing on under protection. (27/3/2021)
Ros Maggs

(01580 850583)

WANTED – A member, Lizzie Sinclair, is after some raspberry canes. Please call. Lizzie Sinclair (07813-978816)
FOR SALE – A friend of Maureen Relf is making these small chestnut edging hurdles.
Chestnut edging hurdles, 24” x 18” (61cm x 46cm) sturdy and well made. They are for sale at £10 each
Maureen has a sample.  (19/06/2020)
Maureen (850656)