Judge’s Comments

An enjoyable and very different judging task. Thank you all for rising to the challenge to enter and support your Society.

The standards look good. The sense of scale was difficult to judge without a ruler, coin or background feature in some pictures – especially the fruit, cucumbers, roses etc.

An excellent effort and unique in the societies that I am usually involved with in a “normal” year’s judging. Well done!    –   Malcolm Buller NVS

Click on the Class links below to see the entries for that class:

♦  Class A            Miniature Arrangement    (Under 10 cm all round. Please place a ruler against exhibit)

♦  Class B            Arrangement in a Teacup & Saucer

♦  Class 1            Five stems of sweet peas

♦  Class 2            Five stems of garden flowers, one or more kind (not from shrubs) & excluding     sweet peas

♦  Class 3            One cucumber

♦  Class 4            Five pods of broad beans, peas or mangetout with stalks

♦  Class 5            A dish of any soft fruit

♦  Class 6            Three single rose blooms in a vase

♦  Class 7            One single rose bloom in a vase

♦  Class 8            One stem of a cluster rose in a vase

♦  Class 9            One single rose presented as a button hole (no pin needed)

♦  Class 10          Photographic competition: Send a photo of  “My favourite flower”